Friday, October 21, 2005

What a Wonderful Week!

This week has been a whirlwind of activity from beginning to end - and I've loved every minute of it!!! It began on Monday with deciding to mount a small quilt on a larger surface prior to taking it in to the photographer. That worked beautifully, by the way - or at least I think it did. The photographer called today saying his equipment went down and my things won't be ready until Monday (he hopes!) - so I haven't seen the piece since. I'll take a digital shot of it when I get it back and you can see it for yourself.

Monday was also quilt-mailing day - one to the New England Quilt Museum for a 3 month show, the other to the Schweinfurth Museum for the Quilts=Art=Quilts competition. That took way more time than it rightfully should have taken - I hade to make boxes out of other boxes, label my quilts, write artist's statements, yada, yada, yada...

Tuesday I played with my photos and printer once again and had great fun. I now have a pile of fabrics ready to incorporate into a larger piece for Keisha Roberts curated exhibit in February in VA.

Some of my printed images ready to go...

More printed-on-cotton images ready to sandwich & quilt

Wednesday I began quilting one of my heretofore hand-painted silk scarves. I simply do NOT use/wear silk scarves - I'm a sweat-shirt, blue-jeans kind of gal, despite the photograph above! That was taken at a family wedding when I was all dolled up & not at all myself... or maybe myself in costume???

And, since I was joining Mary M and her pals on a fabric bargain-hunting trip to Philadelphia and Cherry Hill on Thursday, I figured I'd best try out the BeJeweller II that I had borrowed from her during our last visit together. Now, I'm a sweat-shirt, blue-jeans woman - my quilts aren't either one of those, but they aren't really jewel-ly types of quilts either! Nevertheless, I found two that qualified for additional embellishment along the lines of "sparkles." I'll the photos that 'worked,' just remember that jewels really don't show up all that well when photographed!

Orange Delight c2005 Pat Dolan 8"sq - it's hard to see the sparkles...

Close-up of Orange Delight with be-jewelled sparkles

Thursday was our shopping extravaganza topped off by some of the best Mexican food I've ever had from the Mexican Food Factory in Marlton, NJ. The 5 of us had a great time at Jo-Mar in Philly ooo-ing and ah-ing over all sorts of stuff. Colleen was buying upholstery and decorator fabrics for her one-of-a-kind marvelous jackets. Carol #1 was being conservative... Carol #2 was having a ball! Mary M., of course, was totally INTO the shopping, the touching, feeling, and buying of tempting fabrics. And I spent a bundle - way more than I thought I would (or than my budgeting had planned on!) A great time was had by all!

Silk + Velvel sample pieces from Freeman Discount Fabrics, Cherry Hill, NJ

Fabric Purchases from Jo-Mar (Philly) and Freeman Discount Fabrics

And today was another fun-filled day - I was standing-in for Dr. Geraldine Velasques, art teacher at Georgian Court U in Lakewood, NJ. Her class has about a dozen students, all upper-classmen/women. They are working in batik and were in various stages of completion with one to four projects each. Many had design questions, some had quandries with mixing the dye-baths in the colors they wanted, some never left the wax table except to watch demos for things or help their fellow students with problem-solving of some sort or other.

One student brought in her sewing machine and taught another one or two how to sew - and actually let them USE her Brother machine to sew up their batiks in one way or another. Mind you, the assignment is to create a quilt with the batik - and to use hand-embroidery, beading and other embellishments to make a strong design statement. Only 2 of the students in the class have any sewing experience whatever...

Several students requested an embroidery stitching demo which I was happy to supply. Others were taught about the ease & wonder of Wonder Under - then went out to the Rag Shop, bought it, came back and USED it. This is one enthusiastic group, can you tell?

The topper of the day was around 1:15pm when the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate the building. I was absolutely certain that we had triggered the smoke alarm, presuming it was the hot wax over-heating in the craft lab. We turned off all heating units, opened the windows, turned off all electrical supplies, and shut the door as we hurried out to join the entire population from the Arts & Science Building - into the rain, of course. Nearly everyone presumed this to be a fire drill - it's October, after all, when nearly all schools have fire drills. We waited over 15 minutes outside in the rain before an old firetruck, no lights or sirens in evidence, lumbered up to the main entrance. After another 5-10 minutes waiting in the cold drizzle, we were allowed back into the building.

Guess what? The fire-woman was waiting in my hallway when we arrived... My students did indeed cause the alarm to go off - but it was in the drawing studio across the hall from the craft lab where the alarm went off. It seems one of them had popped pop corn in the microwave, then took it to her seat - directly below the smoke detector - and openned the bag... Bingo! Alarm bells. Evidently, the alarms send info directly to the fire dept, thus they KNEW it was no big deal since the smoke never intensified nor did any heat register. So much for the movie-version illusion of quick firetrucks responding to the scene of a fire!

There was one other time, at the Vincentian Renewal Center located off Rte. 1 near Princeton, when my group set off the buildings smoke alarms... My co-presenter for the seminar decided everyone should write down on small scraps of paper whatever it was they wished to release during the process of our retreat. Then she proceeded to put them in a small container & set them afire... The fire truck came really quickly that time, much to our chagrin. We learned we couldn't even light CANDLES anywhere in the buildings because the alarm system was so sensitive...

So, it's Friday night and I'm happy and tired and happy. Hope you are happy too!


mary m. said...


You CAN'T be old enough to be in that family wedding photo.

Pat's Place said...

Good grief, NO!!!
But I am the little girl with the teddy bear and the little girl with the Madam Alexander doll in the upper photo!