Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday Time

Our Front Door ready for holiday visitors - or not, as the case may be...

After attending our local symphony orchestra's holiday concert, I decided it was time to decorate. Living in a small townhouse, an indoor tree is not very plausible so the solution is to put lights up around the inside of all the windows. This creates a marvelous glow throughout the house and looks festive both inside and out.

Above is actually our dining room - but it also is an extention of my studio, as can be seen by the second sewing machine sitting there so nicely!

Here's a closeup of my draft-dodging snow man with snow child and my santa figure.

Above: These are the windows in the living room - aka my studio. Since we have a family room at the back of the house, why bother with a living room in a small townhouse??? It's the largest room in the house, therefore really the ONLY good place for my studio. Even my husband agrees!
Below: our ornaments now grace the windows - in the daylight, glass ornaments look especially lovely hanging from lace curtains and are reminiscent (if you have a really good imagination) of snow falling...

Our mantle now decorated for the holidays - minus the stockings since the chair has no where else to go except directly in front of the fireplace. We hang our stockings on the wall...Santa fills them wherever they are - even at our ripe old age!

Out with the old, in with the new!!! By the way, the Mary Meyer, Inc. Wicked Witch is resting atop a memory box containing my parents wedding cake topping - from 1937!


Liz said...

Nice decorations! We've got a clock just like yours sitting on our mantlepiece... My kids will be nagging me to put the tree up soon...

Sonia said...

You've decorated beautifully! I love what you have doen with all the lights. It's like a Christmas wonderland at your house. ^_^

Pat's Place said...

Thanks! The clock was a gift to my spouse on his 25th anniversary with DuPont... it's never been good at keeping time, always slow. We laugh at that and decided not to fix it since it somehow so accurately represents the way the company works!
It's been several years since I've wanted much decorating at the holidays - and this after a life-time of LOVING the holidays and loving to decorate... It's nice to be getting back to celebrating the season once again, having released the sorrow that held firm through many recent years. It's good to be healthy again!