Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Work - Including Donated Work

I am one of the artists helping to support Fiberarts Connection of So. Cal. by donating art to be auctioned off between now and December 17 to benefit this wonderful non profit organization helping artists all over the globe. Please check the website at:

Below are photos of the two pieces I have donated:
ONE FEATHER - 7"x10" - Angelina Fibers, decorative yarn, a single feather - machine quilted. cPat Dolan 2005

THREE FEATHERS - 7"x10" - Angelina Fibers, decorative yarn, and 3 feathers - machine quilted. cPat Dolan 2005

I've completed some other ufo's that are now for sale. The piece below is titled "LAVENDER AND TURQUOISE" cPat Dolan 2005 and it measures 10" x 10 3/4". It is made using my hand-dyed gauze, organza + silk - layered with Angelina Fibers beneath the organza making it very sparkly and hard to capture in a photo. I've framed it in a shiny, black metal frame.

Below is "FAMILY HOMESTEADS" measuring 8 1/2" x 11" - made with photo transfers of my Grandfather's photos taken around 1900 of the first family homesteads in Minnesota. cPat Dolan 2005 - $45.00

Below: "NASTURTIUMS" hand-painted on silk with gold gutta, machine quilted. It is 7" x 15" cPat Dolan 2005 - SOLD

Last night we went to see the Canadian Brass Quintet performing with the NJ Symphony Orchestra in a holiday concert. Here are some scenes from the concert:
Looking up at the ceiling at the NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark:

Looking down on the NJ Orchestra and the NJ Youth Choir,from our 5th level, still expensive seats:

Here's the Canadian Brass - not a great photo, but from our seats, not too bad, either!


Sarah said...

Your work is lovely, Pat. I like the flow in the feathers and nasturtium; the Lavendar and Turquoise particularly grabs me.

leap-of-faith said...

Just love your pieces with the feathers! Thanks so much for sharing your work.
Thanks also for the comments on my blog., cheers!

Jen said...

Hi Pat, These are great. I really love the feather ones and also the sparkly - nice composition.

mary m. said...


You've been plucking feathers from birds again! It's cold out there...they need the extra covering...have some compassion!

Your new work is beautiful, you are such a talent...looking forward to seeing you in person again!