Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Work!

Now that I'm nearly ready for Christmas and our trips to central PA and central VT, I'm able to spend some time (in betwixt and between laundry, packing, baking, etc.) playing with a couple of small projects.

Below is what I'm tentatively calling "SPARKLING YELLOWS" - it has my hand-painted chiffon over layers of Angelina Fibers and glitter flakes. On top of that, I've machine stitched the unravelings from my memory quilts. There's more to be done on this piece, but it hasn't become clear to me yet just what's next. 8.5 x 11" cPat Dolan

For lack of a better title, this one is temporarily entitled: "RUSTY GAUZE" - with hand-painted gauzes over hand-painted cotton and layers of some sort of flimsy metallic fabric that I can't identify. It has a red-purple warp and a metallic gold weft - which I've pulled and stretched and pushed around. Some machine and some hand stitching and also incomplete. 8.5 x 11" cPat Dolan

Tomorrow I will mail out the two silent-auctioned pieces donated to Annie's website Fiberarts of Southern California (see earlier posting), a non-profit website and service to artists.

That's it for this year - I've sold a few good sized quilts and some small ones, too. and I've donated about 45 or so fiberart cards to various causes. It's been a very good year for me and for my art. Somehow I think retirement has encouraged me to PLAY with my art rather than to apply a work ethic to it. And that seems to have been a very good thing!


mary m. said...


These are delicious backgrounds...Looking forward to seeing how you complete them with beads, rucheing, feathers, photos, stitching, etc. as only you can!

Mandi said...

I love those! Just beautiful. Is your hand painted chiffon a silk?

Micki said...

these are lovely beginnings. look forward to seeing the completed pieces.

Dianna in Maui said...

Pat, the they are both lovely, but I especially love the gold piece. Reminds me of angels wings!