Sunday, January 08, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon sundog low in the sky

What a wonderful day for a walk! Camera on shoulder, off I went in search of beauty and textures, not to mention exercise. The following is some of what I saw and recorded.
Vapor Trails

Dried daisies

Sweetgum balls on the sidewalk...

As for quilting, I've finally found a background I like to place my 11 journal sized memory quilts on for Keisha Roberts' "Nearness of You: Memory and Commemoration in Quiltmaking" exhibit to be held in February at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia. It's nearly time to mail it out to her... but its incomplete. I hadn't been satisfied with the background - a flat black - but didn't know what I wanted to replace it. Yesterday I stopped at the Rag Shop where I found this mottled black and brown tapestry fabric that I think will work perfectly. Here's a glimplse of one quiltlet sitting on the tapestry. Now it's time to get to work sewing!!!

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mary m. said...

That is a perfect background, Pat. I love the photos...never heard of a sun dog....