Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Work!

"School Days" (15x18" or so) c2006 Pat Dolan

Here's a little sampler I've created to try some techniques prior to attaching the 11 journal-sized quilt-lets to the backing for my Threads of Our Lives quilt going in "The Nearness of You" exhibition next month. I've named it "School Days" as it features photos of both my mom and my dad during their grade school years. The background is a wonderful tapestry that appears to be primariliy black with some brown running through it - but the brown is actually made up of red, gold, and green threads amidst the black warp. There's a bit of a nubby texture to it, which I like a lot. The little quilts are all of smooth muslin, so the contrast is wonderful. It's nearly time to mail the darned thing out but I haven't attached a single quilt-let! And then there's the photography...

After our nasty rain/snow/ice storm yesterday, the birds were out in droves visiting my feeders today. Here are a few of my favorites from the day:
Titmouse + Chickadee having a dispute as to who's going to get first dibs!

Downy Woodpecker Pair - male has a touch of red on the back of his head.

Daddy Downy

Mommy Downy with her feathers ruffling in the wild + wooly wind...

Full House

Acrobatic Nuthatch hanging from the feeder


mary m. said...

Beautiful photos, Pat. I guess I won't see School Days in person on the 2nd? You've done a beautiful job with it!

Anonymous said...

awesome pics

Micki said...

nice job with School Days. don't you just love to watch the birds?

Dianna in Maui said...

Pat, you take such fabulous pictures! I didn't check your profile, but have you studied photography too? One of my goals for this year is taking my camera with me everywhere, and I've succeeded, somewhat. What kind of camera do you use? Aloha!