Sunday, June 04, 2006

Busy Week Ahead

In case you were wondering about the progress of the FiberArt Cards that were to evolve from the hand-marbled, machine quilted samples I put up last month, here is a shot of the completed cards. Individual shots some other day.

Meanwhile, I'm in a tizzy of preparations for several different events, one of which is this week. I am curating my first-ever quiltart exhibit for a wonderful group to which I belong called Eclectic Quilters. We are a group of a dozen or so women meeting monthly at each others homes to share our art, conversation, and friendship. Each of us has her own particular style and each brings a plethora of experience and wisdom to our art and our discussions. Sometimes we go out to lunch afterwards, making it a totally amazing day! About 8 of us are contributing a total of 24 pieces of art to the special exhibit section of the NJ Quilt Convention this week. The convention is the project of the State Quilt Guild of NJ and will be held this week starting Thursday, June 7 through Saturday, June 10 from 10am - 5pm daily at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison, NJ. Below are some of the quilts that will be on display in our exhibit, entitled: Eye of the Needle/Eye of the Artist.

Above: Head Music (c) Mary Manahan
Below: Snake Farm (c) Mary Manahan

Below: Memories of Florence (c) Carole Allison

Below: Heron (c)2004 Pat Dolan 19" x 42" Hand-made batik, machine quilted, hand-beaded, with purchased beading on the bottom edge.

And a detail

Some of the other work to be hung in this exhibit: 3 amazing heavy-wieght quilted jackets by Colleen Whitt Bell (who also dyes fabrics, threads, and more); 2 pieces by Henrietta Curtis (a graduate of England's Embroidery Guild and an expert in historical textiles with an amazing collection thereof), both of which are highly personal social commentaries; two powerful pieces by well-known Elizabeth W. Fram - her powerful piece One in Eight will be in the exhibit; two pieces by Marlene Reasoner; 3 by Melitta VanderBrooke; and 2 amazing scenic pieces by art-quilt teacher, Trina Weller. Also, Mary Manahan has a total of 4 pieces, Carole Alllison and I will each have 3 pieces in this exhibit. Nine of the 12 of us are exhibiting and I'm thrilled to be a part of this opportunity to exhibit our work.

So, if you are anywhere near Edison, NJ this coming Thursday through Saturday, be sure to look for me in the special exhibits section of the NJ Quilt Convention. If you email me first, I'll be sure to be "on location" when you arrive! Otherwise, I might be taking a break, having lunch, visiting the merchants mall, or whatever...

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deborah said...

Mazel Tov! The quilts look so fabulous; they exude sensory and artistic appeal.