Thursday, June 29, 2006

June Is Bustin' Out All Over!

Does anyone out there know what the name of the vine/bush pictured above is?
Hydrangeas and Clematis are below.

As June comes to an end, here are some of the floral highlights of the month. But this posting has little to do with flowers and lots to do with moods. I'm remembering the old advertising song:

Some Days You Feel Like a Nut...
Some days you don't...

Ah, but that's Almond Joy - and I really never cared much for that candy bar. Lindt Lindor Truffles, on the other hand, are marvelous - as are Entenmann's Chocolate Covered Donuts. I've been eating a lot of those lately.

Some days I do indeed feel like a nut - and sometimes that's a good thing as in nutty/funny/silly/playful. Those are great days to explore, to create, and to go visiting friends. Then again, some days I feel nutty - as in off-the-wall crazy... and during those times I don't go exploring, visiting or near my art materials at all, at all. It's far safer to closet myself with a few good books and wait for the sun to come out. Mind you, the sun has not been around much in the past week or so here in NJ. While we have not had the deluging rains other areas of the state and region have experienced, we've certainly had more than enough. More storms rumble towards us as I write! Too bad I didn't take a picture while the sun was still shining earlier today!

Anyway, today I approached my sewing machine for the first time in several weeks - to shorten some recently purchased shorts and put darts in some sleeveless tops. Can you tell what kind of nut I am from that little tidbit?!

Ah well, we leave tomorrow to visit our daughter and son-in-law in State College, PA where we'll enjoy some more family time and some of the best fireworks ever - provided it doesn't rain! Meanwhile, our old hometown (Athens, PA) and the surrounding areas in Bradford County (& more) are experiencing way more of the Susquehanna River than is wanted. Since we used to live directly on the dike in Athens, we know exactly what sights and sounds the flood waters bring... May the rains stop and the sun shine for the entire Northeastern US.

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Hi Pat,

I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago, and am enjoying it.

I think your mystery plant might be a type of hydrangea, called Shooting Star. I saw a plant with flowers like that at a local store, and I thought, hmm, could that be Pat's mystery flower? Anyway, it's a great one.

-- Judy