Monday, July 10, 2006

What Historical Figure Are You?

You are Amelia Earhart

Adventurous and boundary breaking. You believe that you can do anything, and do not hesitate to take risks to achieve a big goal. You like to problem solve, when a problem comes up.

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Well, that's certainly interesting... I'd like to think I was like Amelia Earhart, but most of my choices seem much more dreary than that. Boring, in fact. But there are days when I have that adventurous spirit and I take off with the wind in my face and live life to the fullest. I should do that more often...

That photo of Amelia actually reminds me of one I have of my mother in her riding outfit. Mom was quite the sportswoman in the 1920's and 30's. She hunted, fished, rode, played "kitten ball" which I suspect is what we consider softball, bowled, golfed, and more. She even won medals for her marksmanship with the rifle. Alas, none of her three daughters took after her with regard to sports, although her grandkids have. But all three of us did inherit her artistic abilities, for which we are most grateful!

As you can see, Mom was a beauty, all 4'10" of her. Those riding boots were size 4!

Here's one of Dad back in the 1930's.
They died just over 21 years ago. Guess I'm reminiscing a bit.

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