Saturday, August 19, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Ah, it's summer once again and time for the grandchildren to come for a one-week visit each. Of course, they have 2 foreign exchange students living with them, so the two boys came first, followed by the two girls. Only the eldest was unable to come - she was working full-time prior to beginning her freshman year in college.

As any proud grandparent, I'll have to share some photos... you can always skip this post and move on to another blog!

The boys: Our grandson, J.D. (on the right) and Felipe, from Brazil

The menfolk in NYC:

The boys in the Natural History Museum:

The girls: Our youngest grandchild, Alyssa (on the right) and Ha Trang, from Viet Nam

Ha Trang and Lady Liberty

The girls with NYCity's finest


Kris Moss said...

Hi Pat. I have no idea what blogs are! Do you believe it? I'm figuring You"ll somehow get my comments.......... I just put everything on my site, like I'm going to do with my new grandbabies. This is the year, as one is 6 months old and one is 7 days old!
I really enjoyed your architectural collage, and i really can't do that!

Pat's Place said...

Hi, Kris -
I don't have your email addy or I'd have responded to you there.
Congrats on the grandbabies - how exciting to have little tiny ones around again... Mine are all in high school already. Actually, one is starting college tomorrow! Yikes, where does the time go???