Friday, September 29, 2006

Fabled Fibers Challenge Quilts

Detail: "Vasalisa" (C)2006 Pat Dolan
The pocket created quite a challenge. It needed to be see-through yet stable enough to hold the small wooden doll inside while it's traveling to various shows. I used navy blue netting framed with the skirt fabric to make it strong enough yet easy to see the doll in her pocket.

"Vasalisa + The Doll in Her Pocket" (C)2006 Pat Dolan
Complete except for the binding, hanging sleeve and label.

Vasalisa is nearly complete - she only needs a binding, hanging sleeve, and a label and those should be completed shortly. The Vasalisa quilt is smaller than Baba Yaga, but with their matching border design/fabric, they work together fairly well. The colorful flame-style border on Baba Yaga is merely turn over to the opposite side of the fabric to make the silver border for Vasalisa.

These two quilts are simplified to a great degree. I'm a great believer in using one's imagination - and encouraging children to do so, as well. So these two pieces are minimalist, yet adequately carry the message of the story.

Here is the pair together - different sizes, but very similar in colors and style. The outer border on each is identical, except in the Vasalisa piece it is reversed, leaving it all silver vs. the colorful border on Baba Yaga.

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J. E. Patterson said...

Vasalisa is incredible - it made me sit back in my seat and say "Whoah." Thank you for showing so much of your process!

(Found you from Ed Maskevich's blog)