Friday, September 29, 2006

"Fiber Revolution" Georgian Court University Exhibit

- From September 28th to October 31st, Lakewood, NJ -

I am one of 35 artist members(from 5 states in the Northeast) of a group called "Fiber Revolution" We exhibit together, even though most of us have never met everyone else in the group. Individually, we secure exhibit opportunities for the group, curate the exhibit, handle publicity,hang + remove the show, take photos of the venue, etc. It's a lengthy and time intensive process but we have exhibitions not only in our 5 state region - which includes CT, NY, NJ, PA and MD - but this year we have started securing exhibitions throughout the USA.

Yesterday we hung the exhibit entitled: Fiber Revolution - A Survey of Styles at Georgian Court University in central NJ. Kevan Lunney had been the one to receive all 35 quilts coming in via FedEx, UPS and USMail. I live in a small townhouse, so room to store the quilts prior to exhibit plus all the packaging materials is something I do not have. Nor do I have a van - thankfully, Kevan does! We worked about 3 1/2 hours yesterday with the help of Kevan's husband, Joel. Above and below are photos of the show.

Below: Kevan + Joel Lunney setting up Kevan's "POD." It is over 4' high and big enough for Kevan to climb into! It's an amazing and highly imaginative/creative piece of fiber/art/sculpture. It is all fabric & machine quilted. Each pod leaf is a separate unit and they are seamed together with Velcro(R). She is actually on a ladder on the other side of the Pod, stringing fishing line to the ceiling to keep the Pod from falling over if touched/bumped or whatever.

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