Sunday, November 19, 2006

FiberArt Cards Formalized

PURPLE SQUARE (C)Pat Dolan 4"x6" mounted and framed to 8"x10"

MANY MOONS (C)Pat Dolan 4"x6" mounted and framed to 8"x10"

CONTEMPLATIVE (C)Pat Dolan 4"x6" mounted and framed to 8"x10"

These cards were actually made last year, using Angelina Fibers, fused fabrics and hand-painted cheese cloth. I love making small-sized works - they don't take as much time, although they DO require good composition, color, balance, craftsmanship, and design! They are quickly quilted without causing shoulder pain - something I've encounted in the past year in doing larger works. I've actually taken the past two week off from machine sewing to give the impinged rotator cuff a chance to heal more thoroughly. I won't be doing much this week either, since we're off to Vermont for the holiday.

Anyway, Kevan Lunney, has invited the members of Fiber Revolution to produce "beautiful, juicy morsels of art which are 4" x 6" finished, in a horizontal format" for her curated traveling exhibit entitled ART CONCENTRATED: A BIG SHOW OF PETITE FIBER ART. Each piece will be mounted on 1/4" Foam Core to create a shadow effect around the work, and then framed in identical 8" x 10" black frames and hung on a horizon line around the exhibit area. I'm really looking forward to seeing these little masterpieces of art by our members identically framed and hung together in a cohesive exhibit!


Anonymous said...

I think your postcards are beautiful, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Anna Nowicki

Anonymous said...

These are great!

fiberfantasia said...

Hello Pat, you made some very kind comments about my quilt, Hot and Exhausted, (global warming) and I thank you!
I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your current work, the small pieces are beautifully composed and executed. I can't wait to see what you do with the copper project; I'll keep checking in.