Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Latest Quilt

I'm working busily preparing for my one-woman show that begins next week. I finally complete this piece after agonizing over it for a few months. The addition of the transparent gray/black ribbon finally did it for me.

And here are a couple of unusual snow photos I took today of melting snow. These "snow rolls" were on the windshield of one car in the lot - and I just had to capture them or no one would believe the pie dough roll effect!


Anonymous said...

Pat, your bird photo's are wonderful. I'd love to know how you are photographing the birds. Through a glass window? At birdfeeders that are very close to your townhome? Telephoto lens? We live in the Berkshires in MA and I hope to be able to make photo's of birds and wildlife as well. Also, do you know what kind of roses you have in that photo? They are my favorite, and I've bought them at the grocery store, but they're never labeled.
Thanks, Jeann

Pat's Place said...

Thanks for your kind words.

I use a Panasonic Lumix digital camera with a 12x optical zoom Leica lens. Often I use a tripod, but it's not needed on bright days, unless I want to capture something fleeting by!

Yes, my bird feeder is at the edge of the deck at the back of the house - about 10-12' from where I stand in the kitchen taking photos. If the birds see me move, they take flight almost immediately so I am rather patient waiting for the good shots once the birds have forgotten I'm there.

The chickadees, however, are bold little ones and often come right up to one feeder while I'm filling another just a few feet away. They say you can tame them if you sit very still while wearing a hat with seed on the brim...

My only real difficulty comes with the other wildlife populations - I don't mind the raccoon occasionally, but I do mind the larger rodents - squirrels excepted. Our development does not allow bird feeders due to problems with rats... but I'm at the very back of the development by the woods so I feed them when it's cold or snow is on the ground. But the Goldfinch I feed pretty much year round because I love their song and their color!

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures of the birds, especially the ones with the red caps!

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