Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Bird at the Feeder Today

Rose-breasted Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Titmouse - note the table looks like a huge frosted cupcake! Our back door is frozen shut so I threw the seeds and bread out the kitchen window onto the ground and table and everywhere else the wind took it...
Black-capped Chickadee
Goldfinch in winter colors
House Finch
Stiff wind on female Cardinal
Ice on male Cardinal - note: there is ice on nearly all of the larger birds and even some of the smaller ones. One cardinal had a chunk of ice/snow stuck to her large beak and she was having quite a bit of trouble eating. I guess she didn't know how to knock off the offending ice chunk.

The only one missing is the Downy Woodpecker and she's been around, just hard to capture in a photograph today. Sometimes she's very cooperative, then again, she's not. Her partner is usually a pretty good model.

I'm really glad not to be a bird today...


Deborah said...

Beautiful winged creatures, all! Strangely or perhaps not, the rose breasted woodpecker resembles the adorable orange and white feline, Tang Poohzie, who lives with me.

Yet, the woodpecker is not a catbird; or is she/he? Hmmmm....

Susan D said...

Thanks for the lovelly photos of your feathered friends. I'm going to show your blog to my 10 year old nephew next time he visits as he is into bird watching.