Monday, February 05, 2007

What Do People DO All Day???

I, for one, have been stuck at the computer for days now, working with photographs, word documents, excell spreadsheets and more - all in preparation for upcoming one-woman show at The Monmouth County Library Headquarters, Manalapan, NJ. My work will be on exhibit from March 6 through April 1 and I'll be giving a Power Point presentation on Thursday, March 22 at 7pm about my art, my process, and my development. Please come if you are anywhere nearby! I'd love to meet you. (I've noticed that they do not yet have any PR up on their website for my exhibit - hopefully, they will have, and very soon! They do have the information...)

Above is the new Mac Book Pro that my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas.
Below are the address labels for the invitations to the exhibit - finally merged and printed and ready to deliver to the library tomorrow.

This is a copy of the floor plan with the layout and linear feet listed. I used this to determine which pieces of art would best fit the various spaces - with careful consideration as to keeping series' together as well as to creating a color harmony throughout.

Here is a mock-up with created with contact prints of the artwork. They are not in proper proportion, alas - iphoto did not want to do that one little bit!

Twenty-four pieces will be hanging in the area surrounding the check-in/check out desk. There are also 5 locked display cases in the entry hallway that are available for my use - these will hold the smaller pieces of work. The library declines hanging anything smaller than 12" wide or larger than 36" wide. Two of the cases I will use for educational purposes - with step-by-step illustrations/instructions much as I have on this blog. The remaining three cases will feature two dozen smaller fiberart pieces, plus 9 mixed media pieces. It will be a rather eclectic exhibition - much like the artist who has created the body of work...

More later, as the exhibition draws closer and I begin/complete the Power Point presentation.

And here are the FUN photos!

When I'm not doing art, guess what else I might be doing???

Both Frank and I are avid genealogists and I'm a Mayflower descendant... our kids are terrified that we'll leave all our filing cabinets and bookshelves full of research to them!!! Guess we'll have to find a historical society somewhere that will take them all...


Beate said...

I love my MacBookPro too - it is a wonderfull tool!Have You use the PhotoBooth- it is verry funny :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat
I really enjoyed your site. Your art work is beautiful and I also loved the photos of the birds. I spent a year in USA in 1988 and while there rescued an injured bluejay (and everyone at work laughed at me!) and said they are pests something like our Magpies. So I'm pleased to see someone appreciates them and feeds them. I love Magpies too - they are naughty birds but have a beautiful song and belong in our environment. Have a beautiful day, Jo, Aussie bird lover and Quilter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess I'm on your blog!

Little Sis