Saturday, March 17, 2007

Challenge Quilt Progress - continued

Now that my art show is hung, I am finally able to go back into the creative mode. Not that putting the show together wasn't's just that what I love about creating is the designing, implementing, rearranging, of various ideas in different ways to produce a new piece of art.

In January, I began a project based on two fibers received through my art critique group, the Eclectic Quilters. Both were a coppery color - one was marbled paper, the other was a piece of pale organza. The first few stages of the development of this piece can be viewed here.

I decided I needed to add something in the lower right - and that it should relate to trees or leaves, since I hand-painted & hand colored-pencilled in the leaf in the upper left corner of the piece. I had some lovely tree stamps purchased awhile ago but never used, so I decided to stamp these onto my fabric. In the photo below, is acrylic paint spread on a sheet of plastic along with the printer's brayer (the small rolling-pin looking tool on the right) and several purchased stamps.

Here's a close-up of the stamped trees:

And this is where the piece tonight - ready to quilt. I've added a small border of my rust-dyed-fabric border. It may or may not stay that wide...but it's there for now. I've added the stamped tree images in the lower right corner and have made my "quilt sandwich." It's now ready for sewing and I'm really looking forward to playing on and with this piece!

This is the scrap fabric I used to practice stamping on the fabric...I rather like it and may make it into a small piece one day.

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Alyssa Jean said...

I like the trees =] reminds me of Vermont. =D Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!!!!!!!!