Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sap-Sucking Birds

We have an Autumn Glory Maple tree outside our kitchen window and the sap has begun to run, despite the St. Patrick's Day storm dumping 3" of ice pellets. I've never seen the birds drinking sap from the trees before, so it's been a fun day capturing their sugary delight!

Oooops... these are my granddaughter's Beta Fish. I've been great-grand-fish sitting this week while she's home in Vermont on Spring Break...


Gerrie said...

I just love your bird photos!

Rachel said...

I really have enjoyed your postings. Congratulations on your exhibit! It turned out beautifully. Now here's an odd question: what sort of plants are in your granddaughter's beta bowls? It looks really cool.

I have just started blogging and have much to learn. You've provided a wonderful model.