Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crossroads of Another Sort...

Not only are we, as a couple, beginning our research for our eventual retirement, I’m also in the midst of a major (to me anyway) career transition. This is the year I have chosen to establish an actual web page to promote my art. Since I’m pretty good with jpegs and writing, I have an idea of what I want, but I’m not sure I could explain it and I KNOW with certainty that I could not do it! The html computereeze language baffles me beyond words and sends my little mind into a frazzle of incoherency. Thus, I have hired a web site designer, David Walker, to do all the tough stuff I can’t and/or won’t do.

It’s truly amazing the amount of information one must amass in order for a designer to begin working on a web site. Most of it I have done and stored in various places and ways over the past few years: artist’s statement, bio, resume, photos of work, etc. Still, it’s a long way from being in the kind of order required for this project. Today we had our first real phone consultation and I have until August 7 to collect and snail mail a CD with pertinent info and jpegs for him to use in creating a site. I’ve selected a personal symbol, too – one that’s floated with me for many years, yet I’ve never used outwardly.

So this is a crossroads that I have been preparing to journey through for quite some time. Some of my thoughts are not concretized, but many of them are “in there somewhere” waiting for me to associate them and put them together in a coherent representation of my art.

It’s an interesting exercise, to be sure. And I find myself excited about preparing everything to send out – and then waiting to see how David, another artist, sees it and combines it to create a website on my behalf. A new adventure of the fun sort!

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