Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Our flag is flying - it's about the only one to be seen in the neighborhood today, much to my surprise. The past few years, flags have been flying for all the national holidays yet today, most of the flags I've seen are by businesses that are open and have their flags flying at full staff. Why is it, I wonder, that patriotism can't be shown by flying our nations flag even if we don't approve of the current war or how it has been or is being handled? I still believe in our nation and am honored to live here with the independence that has been bought for us by the payment of the lives of our military personnel over several hundred years time. I'm proud to fly our flag! That's why it's out there today - and perhaps should be out there every day...even though I've never approved of the current or previous wars initiated by our current president.


Beate Knappe said...

happy 4 of july for You an Your family and thank you for visiting my Blog and your verry kind comment - thats means a lot to me Tank You.

Mary said...

Our flag flies as well - and we share your sentiments. Just because we don't agree with the war or the president doesn't mean that we've lost faith in the country!