Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (c) Pat Dolan

Thanks, everyone, for your responses (both here and via email!) to "Crossroads." This morning when I opened our bedroom curtains, I looked down on the deck to see this gorgeous butterfly visiting our flowers. I ran downstairs, grabbed the camera and went out in my nightie to capture the visitor.

Butterflies are the classic symbol for resurrection, regeneration and transformation since they begin as tiny eggs, hatch into caterpillars, weave a cocoon, and then become airborn in their final phase. I'm delighted with her visit today - renewing my sense of following my intuition and moving forward into the unknown...

Click on this one and see all those tiny little hairs up close and personal!

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MargaretR said...

That is a wonderful closeup of the butterfly. I hope you find a suitable retirement home and how sensible of you to start looking around different places now.