Monday, July 09, 2007

What's Your Thinking Style???

I found this on Margaret's blog & recognized a kindred spirit in her thinking style. I went to the website, took the test & discovered we are, indeed, kindred thinkers!

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Exploring

You thrive on the unknown and unpredictable. Novelty is your middle name.
You are a challenger. You tend to challenge common assumptions and beliefs.

An expert inventor and problem solver, you approach everything from new angles.
You show people how to question their models of the world.

This style can clash quite a bit with those who think differently - but opposites attract, and if they figure out how to communicate and value the information shared, life is very good. Problems come up, but can be resolved - sometimes one way, sometimes another. My husband of 40+ years is a scientist (chemist) who thinks very differently than I do. While it can cause friction, it also is quite stimulating. It's amazing just how often we can, quite independently, come to the same conclusions over a situation. We just take different pathways (and amounts of time) to get there!

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deborah said...

My thinking style, according to the quiz, is also explorer. After reading the choices, I am not surprised, although I have grown a bit empirical.