Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby Birds - But What Kind Are They???

While birdwatching has long been a hobby of mine, identifying baby birds seems to be somewhat beyond me today. I awoke to a constant chirp coming from outside my window and discovered this little fellow squawking for his/her mommy - or rather for food... Here are several shots - please let me know if you can identify it for me!

This is from a different view - so you can't really see that pale yellow breast. And this photo makes me think perhaps it's some sort of black bird or crow...look at that wing! It looks huge on this little one. But do they have a pale yellow breast when they're young? I doubt it... but what do I know???

Later in the day, I saw this little one - as scruffy as the one from this morning, but with a dark beak, dark feet, and a fully grown tail. Any help with this one would also be appreciated!

And as I'm writing this, there's a screech owl out back sounding as though he/she is sitting right on our deck...

A great birding day!


LoieJ said...

Betsy True, who also has a blog about bird watching, pointed me in the direction of where I joined and posted a link to my blog with mystery bird pictures. I got answers right away.

I don't know much about navigating that site; I only know about signing up as a novice.

Mary Ann Marriott said...

So, did you find out what kind of bird it was?

Pat's Place said...

The closest I could come would be to say it was either a vireo or a warbler - immature, thus impossible for me to really ID properly. At that time, we lived at the edge of a young, but dense woods with a tiny creek nearby. Either of those species would have been happy there, despite it being in populous central New Jersey!