Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fiber Art Cards - Finally Framed!

Remember the first year Virginia Spiegel had her FAC's for Cancer drive? Well, I purchased several cards with the intention of framing them. And I bought/traded or was given a few more. I even found a lovely 9-slot white frame for my favorites! Well, yesterday, I finally got around to framing my 9 favorites:

Left Row: top to bottom
Debra Roby - Woven Works I
Virginia A. Spiegel - Octavio
Virginia A. Spiegel - Dream Weaver #4

Center Row: top to bottom
Anne Dovel - Taffeta Texture
Beate Knapp - Wedding
Mary Manahan - Dance

Right Row: top to bottom
Frances Holliday Alford - African Sun
Sue Reno - Ice Strom #8
Rayna Gillman - untitled

My office furniture is all white, so these colorful artworks, framed in white, look fantastic above my computer desk!


Karoda said...

Pat, these are lovely and I like the idea of framing them in a group.

Beate Knappe said...

this is for me an honour - thank you

sophie said...

What a beautiful way to present these small works of art. I'd love to know where you found the perfect frame?

Pat's Place said...

I bought it at Pottery Barn - on sale, of course!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I, too, am honored...what a lovely presentation.

Looking forward to your website, it's going to be wonderful! Hopefully, I will see you soon...