Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Studio 2008

First, here is the OLD studio - pre-flood. This photo was taken last March. My studio was in the largest room of our townhouse - the living room.

We chose to make the living room the first thing you see as you enter the front door - since we hope to retire within a year or so, sell the house, and move to PA. Here is the NEW living room - former studio space:

In the OLD studio, large lateral files were side-by-side creating a workspace. My art quilts and various supplies are stored in the drawers.

Since I was moving into a smaller room, the lateral files are now stacked to take up less floor space. The large wardrobe, which stores my fabrics, is to the left.

This is my computer desk - it looks about the same as it did in the living room only now it sits in front of the family room fireplace.

My computer desk is next to the kitchen - all the better to supervise my cooking, should I do any...

This is my former sewing table - I designed it and our son made it for me using an old dresser with a new 40x60" formica top. We made a shelf below the top for my sewing machine and used the plastic whatchamacallit to complete the surface for quilting large pieces. This piece of furniture was one of the few lost in the flood.

In my new studio, to the right of my desk is a window and a wall, is the replacement for my lost sewing table: a Quilter's Dream Sewing Cabinet from Horn along with their storage cabinets:

I absolutely LOVE the sewing area - which can be doubled by using the drop-leaf which is closed against the wall in this photo.

My large bookcase has migrated to the garage - only a few books will be in my office on the top shelf of the storage unit to the left of the sewing table. My huge collection of threads now live in the small drawers of the storage units. Well, MOST of my threads are stored there!

Please note: the studio will never be this clean again! Hip, hip, hooray!!!


Alyssa Jean said...

cool beans!!! :))

Karoda said...

you've adapted the change very well. and the horn definitely smoothes over any bumps about loss of counter space to work on.

Rachel said...

Things look great! Now you can do your work IN the studio, not ON it.

bopeep said...

Way to go!
Nice floors and lovely living room. What a good start to pack everything up again into pods and move....he hehe