Wednesday, February 20, 2008

House For Sale

Well, we decided to give it all a try. Today we put our townhouse up for sale with the hope that it will sell quickly and relatively well, despite falling housing prices. Our relator said from all their projections, indications are the housing market will continue to decline for at least another year, if not longer. She also said that here in central NJ, townhouses are the only thing that are even selling. Single family homes, particularly the higher end market, all are in severe decline. Townhouse prices are also collapsing, but at least they are still moving and we'd still make a profit on the sale - if we get one!

My studio has become an office space, sad to say. Having fiber art out all over the place is not conducive for buyers to envision their furniture in our space! With my desk hiding the family room fireplace, it was time to rearrange furniture with new goals in mind. So the new sewing table & cabinets have moved upstairs to the guest room. The huge lateral file cabinets have moved out to the garage. Comfy chairs now rest on either side of the fireplace while my office desk is moved to where the sewing table had been.
The way it was:

And the way it now is - slightly different view:

Here's another view of the desk where the sewing table was:

Meanwhile, I've been having some camera trouble. Since I have a 5 year warranty, I'll probably be mailing it out for repairs this week. What will I do without my camera? without my art?

Pack, I suppose...

And we haven't even made an offer yet on the PA house!


Alyssa Jean said...

that 3rd picture, is that where your living room was, by the kitchen, the last time i was there? it looks so different!!!

Pat's Place said...

All 3 of these pictures used to be our living/family room. After the "flood" I made it into my studio - which used to be in the "official" living room.

Are you confused yet???

bopeep said...

Way to go....expect the changes to come....kick them if necessary. Put an offer in....It can be done by least it will give you something to do.
Glad you made such nice changes to your former studio.