Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Potential New Home in PA

Well, we found a house we both really, really like - and it's within 10 minutes of our daughter & son-in-law's home. It's also about 10-15 minutes from all the major shopping areas in State College, yet it's in a small, residential neighborhood on a very private cul de sac.
The House

The Front - up close

Inside the front door

The Living/Dining Rooms

The Garden/Meditation Room

The Kitchen - all new

The opposite wall - with a pass-through to the studio

The all important STUDIO

The studio has two walls of windows! It's south facing, the living room faces north. There are 4 bedrooms - a MBR, two smaller bedrooms and one large one that will be Frank's office.

The big IF. First we must sell our NJ town house... and be able to afford the new house. It's a dreadful housing market to want to sell anything, but condo's and town houses are doing better than single family dwellings, or so says our realtor...

We'll know more tomorrow, after we work up all the numbers and figure out if we can really afford to retire now and make the move.

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful time in State College - and we got to meet our new Grand-dog, Keegan, a Sheltie puppy who is 3 months of age.


Deborah said...

The house looks wonderful and that studio! Your new furry family addition is adorable.

Congratulations! The Universe will work it out for you....

bopeep said...

I like didn't mention the paper there one?
Well, at least your present home is clean and fresh for selling!

Alyssa Jean said...

aah very nice house. it kinda reminds me of your old one. a little. and i love keegan too! when can i come back down to aunt chris and uncle steve's house????

laura said...

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