Thursday, April 03, 2008

Collage Mania II: Fiber Art for a Cause

Water's Edge - detail (c)Pat Dolan 2008

Virginia Spiegel is once again sponsoring Collage Mania II: Fiber Art for a Cause (the cause being the American Cancer Society research). I've enjoyed participating in Virginia's past fund raisers, and was looking forward to participating again this year. Then along came life, with finding a house, making an offer, selling a house, and now mold remediating due on the current house. Suffice it to say, ART is my salvation!

So yesterday, I took out some of the materials I had been saving up for this year's event (thankfully, I COULD find them!!!), and began playing. While I've only managed to create two small pieces (4x6"), I'm quite happy with them. They are quite different from one another, as you will see.

The first piece is part of a series of 4x6" fiberart cards I've been making having to do with the ocean/seaside/seashells. Here is the base fabric (layers of Angelina Fibers and stitching over hand-painted fabric) and the rusted fabric hand-stitched to the background to create the impression of sand.

WATER'S EDGE (c) Pat Dolan 2008

Collage 1: Water's Edge
Size: 4x6" depth 3/4"
Materials: hand-painted fabric (Setacolor), Angelina Fibers, rusted fabric, wool roving to create the foam, beads to mimic sea glass & sun sparkling on sand, small shells - part of a necklace given to me by my Uncle Bill after he returned from the Pacific at the end of WWII.
Mounted on Bristol board, ready for framing

Original Materials for "Emma" consisting of my hand-painted fabric, some rusted fabric, a stained lace doily, and a photo of my maternal great-grandma Emma Stephen Buck (1860-1944) printed on organza, and a packet of blue leaves...

Here is the tiny collage completed:

Collage 2: EMMA (C) Pat Dolan 2008
Size: 6x4"
Materials: hand-painted fabric (Setacolor/metallics), colored pencil, my grandfather's photo of his mother printed on organza, a dried leaf, antique doily
Mounted on Bristol board, ready for framing

Both are available at Virginia's Collage Mania II website. The sale begins in May - just when we HOPE we'll be moving to Pennsylvania...

PS: Happiness is ART!

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Sue Reno said...

Pat, these are lovely! I like how much detail work you've put into them. Hope the remediation/move all goes smoothly.