Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Counting Down - Our Final 2 Weeks

Moving day is fast approaching but we are rather laid back about the whole thing. Perhaps because I've been preparing for the move for 3 months, it seems as though we're almost ready to go. There are utility companies to notify at this end and that, but not much else.

Frank's retirement party is tonight and he's home preparing his gag gifts for a chosen few pals. I finished the "stole" for the group secretary. It came out as well as could be expected. It does look rather "priestly" but it's decorated with very party-like objects! She is, after all, the group party planner par excellence.

Our eldest granddaughter, a college sophomore, has asked to come live with us and establish residency in PA with the idea of attending Penn State after her year of residency is up. She'll be getting a job when she arrives and establishing herself in a new community, much as we will be. She's already planning her room - asking her Uncle Jack to make her new bedroom furniture! Will wonders ever cease???

The second grandchild is graduating from High School in June and leaving for the Czech Republic in late July to live with his girl friend's family and attend school there. He'll be offering Conversational English classes while he's in school - and is planning the curriculum now...

The youngest grandchild returns from Inner Mongolia and China tomorrow night... She'll be a senior next year. The kids are flying the coop, as my son said recently.

They live in Vermont - a great state, but it has no public universities. While there are plenty of colleges and many cultural opportunities there, all the educational institutions are private and pricey. Thus the kids are seeking various ways to earn their degrees within a somewhat reasonable budget.

So life is changing for nearly everyone in the family. Wow... Onwards into what ever is next!

And my posting wouldn't be complete without a bird photo~ this one is a Cowbird.

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