Thursday, April 24, 2008

Retirement Party

Last night was Frank's night. With 33+ years of service with E.I. DuPont, his retirement party was a fitting closure to a good career as an organic chemist in the company. This first photo is one of the bosses presenting Frank with the standard air-view "plant photo" (we have a similar one from Towanda, PA from 17 years ago when we were transferred from there to here) of the Parlin site. On the outer mat, everyone who wanted could write some parting sentiment - something like the senior year book thing! This was the most solemn moment of the entire evening.

Once Frank got the mike, it was a fun night for all. My DH is well known for the clutter on and around his desk. He decided, several weeks ago, that he would make parting gifts of some of the treasures he found buried in the many piles he was finally sorting through. There were hand-outs from 1985 through 1990+ - nothing recent, of course!

Above, he's holding a poker chip a previous boss gave him during a particularly stressful time some years ago. The advice that went with the poker chip at that time was to keep it in your pocket and remember to always keep a poker face at the meetings. Below, he is giving it back to her with the knowledge he'll never need to use it again!

In many big corporations, there is a company-wide effort for people to "earn" their appropriate black, brown, green, etc. belts on their way to "perfection." The gal shown above has been working to earn her green belt for several years, to little avail. So she gets a green belt, of course!

Last, but far from least, Frank introduces the department secretary - the oil that gets everything done, the confidante, the cheerleader, the shoulder to cry on, the go-getter, the party planner and more. So he named her the High Priestess of Cyrel(R) and presented her with her priestly stole.

A great time was had by all!

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