Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day + Night 2008

We hung our flag for our new home today - but I forgot to take a picture of it. I did wander around the yard and get photos of other things however.

This little fellow is but one of many cottontails that scamper/hop through our yard on a daily basis. He/she was one of the smaller ones to come and visit our clover patch.

And don't the following flowers resemble fireworks a bit? If you use your imagination???

Later, we went up the hill and watched the State College fireworks from the top of the hill. Next year, we'll get closer for this 45 minute spectacular volunteer fireworks display set to music. But tonight, we listened to the radios in the neighborhood and watched from afar.

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. I hope you have had a good July 4th Independence Day, too!


Susan said...

love the poppies!

Alyssa Jean said...

fireworks! i missed em this year....but i had fun anyway :D i'll send pics at some point in the next couple days but its almost 3:30am for me, but 4:30 really.....i'm so so...sometime. :D