Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Been Happening Here...

We've now been in our new home for six months - most of which we have spent fixing it up, adding necessary items, and painting all the pearl gray walls and woodwork that was everywhere - even in the garage. While it was light enough, it was GRAY, after all. A cold gray...and Pennsylvania has enough gray days all by itself to avoid gray on one's walls and woodwork! I'm nearly done with all the painting I plan for this year - there are a few rooms left to do, but they can wait until next spring.

Autumn in PA is beautiful! I took these pictures about a week ago - it's now much more barren now that most of the leaves have been blown down.

Here are a few of my outdoor "pets." I enjoy them all so much!

Now that we've pretty much completed most of the house-fixing, I've returned to art and will be posting more of my work and more often than I have been doing. I'm attending an open model session - life drawing - on Wednesdays and am loving it. I'll be posting a few sketches soon. And I'm taking Laura Cater-Woods on-line Idea-To-Image class and am really enjoying it. I'll post a few things from there as well. More in a day or two or three!

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