Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Closes In on Central PA

It's 21 degrees (9 degrees wind chill) tonight at 10:20pm. We've been having lake effect snow falls periodically throughout the past few days. Lake effect as in all the way from Lake Erie, which is NOT that close to central Pennsylvania! Most of the snow melts quickly, but we've got a pretty dusting of white on the ground. This was the view at sunset tonight.

Tomorrow is the Penn State/Michigan game - and the last Penn State game of the season. The university is not allowing campers to be on campus overnight due to the cold, or so they say. Around here, people party everywhere for the games - and I do mean everywhere. Not just on campus or in campus housing - people literally plan parties for game weekends - in and outdoor parties. Lots of tail gating - including anywhere on the back roads while folks listen to the game via radio... It's definitely something to behold! Since the little riot downtown a few weeks ago, they're pretty good about maintaining order what ever way works. And I'm very glad we won't be sitting in the stands tomorrow since the wind chill factor will be about what it is now - COLD!

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