Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter in Central PA

Watching the weather change from day to day - or minute to minute - has been great entertainment for me and my camera! A flock of pine siskins came to the feeders this afternoon in the midst of a snow squall. They don't look all that impressive - something plain like a sparrow... until...

When they fly, the bright yellow bar is displayed quite nicely. And from the back, the siskin is quite handsome indeed!

This fella was caught in the ice storm - his tail looks dreadful and the other squirrels are letting this one know it, too!

The fella below was just snacking at our feeder in the midst of a mini-white-out.

And then there are the crows...patiently walking across the snow in search of bread crusts or flying gracefully up into the old walnut trees or simply "caw caw cawing" their way into my life.

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