Saturday, February 07, 2009

Red Squirrel

One of the neighboring Red Squirrels has discovered our feeding tray and has become a daily visitor. In the sunshine, he looks as though he got dumped into the henna dye! Notice his skimpy tail and smaller size, as compared to his cousin, Gray Squirrel. Notice, too, his little feet. And isn't he/she magnificent?!

The next is a photos of one of our resident Gray Squirrels - who successfully fought Red Squirrel for top-squirrel on the feeder tray! If the two would actually sit together on the tray at the same time, one could easily see that Red is about half the size of Gray. Red's hair/fur looks much softer, and of course, gloriously red. Red's tail is scrawny, by comparison to Gray's, but still shows up as red even though it is less full-bodied (if tails can be said to be full-bodied or not!).

Look at these feet/paws!!! I think it would not be very nice to encounter those feet on a personal level...

I have noticed that the beautiful red color does not show up much on a cloudy day or when Red is in the shadows. But they are much smaller, so easy to identify. And their noise making is substantially different from Gray. Both can make a terrible racket when their ire has been raised.


deborah said...

The red squirrel is adorable and reminds me (in coloring--at least as shown on my computer) of my orange cat.

The photos are great; a different world than mine, at the moment.

Alyssa Jean said...

woow so cute!
those are really good picturs:)