Friday, March 27, 2009

Millbrook Marsh in the Morning Fog

Can you guess what this is? Keep reading and you'll find out by the end of all the photos.!

We had morning fog today, so we went out armed with our cameras and wandered through Millbrook Marsh Park, in State College, PA. There were tiny droplets of water everywhere - all of them frozen and thawing as the sun burned it's way through the dense fog. Hope you enjoy the results of our little foray in the park.
The barn is part of the building complex for Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

Creek and grasses:

Frozen water droplet - they thawed as we walked through the park:

First buds (encased in a tiny bubble of ice) of the season:

Wooden walkway through the marshland:


Red branches of ___?

A prickly week of some sort:

Gorgeous grasses:

Captivating cobweb:

Dead tree trunk providing nourishment for other living beings:

A very, very wet cobweb:


Vicki W said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...


Your photos are gorgeous! I can see how inspired you are by your new surroundings...thanks for sharing.


margaret said...

What a wonderful place. I love the misty trees at the end of the walkway. Thanks for sharing!

Pat's Place said...

Millbrook Marsh truly is a wonderful, peaceful setting, despite being quite close to Rte. 220. One can hear the trucks, but one can also tune them out! I always come away from there renewed with a sense of wonder and contentment...