Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Garden Today

Does anyone out there know what these lovely little flowers are called? Thank you, Sue, for identifying this lovely little spring flower. After more research, I went on-line and discovered the precise name is "alba scilla", according to Ginnie in Illinois, and others, of course.

And here are a few of our backyard visitors:

Lounging in the sunshine...

Enjoying the treats:

Taking a stroll through the yard:

This was taken yesterday during a mild downpour. Our granddaughter, who was quite amused at this fellow for hiding under his tail in the rain, took this shot.


Vicki W said...

Yor photos are beautiful! Would you mind if I created a color palette from the photo of the blue and white flowers?

Sue Reno said...

Hi Pat, I think your mystery flower is some variety of scilla. Great pictures; things are finally beginning to happen in my garden as well!

deborah said...

How outstanding! Gardens can help heal.

Yesterday some Alzheimer's/Dementia facility residents viewed an hour long Gardens in Bloom video (you have the real thing!) and noted how beautiful the gardens were, how relaxing the bird sound were etc.

After the video, the residents were calmer, more ready to go into the evening hours--a marked contrast to the "sundowning" behavior that can sometimes be recognized as agitiation, confusion, and aggression.

I am excited for Spring and will be visiting the nearby Van Vleck Gardens as often as possible.

zquilts said...

I've always missed squirrels and chipmunks! They are so darn adorable! We don't have any on the island I live on. Wonderful photos!

Ginnie said...

Thanks for visiting, Pat! And I took a quick look at your blog - your photos are gorgeous! Also looks like spring comes a little earlier to your part of the country than to ours.

Isn't it nice that winter is over!


Carol M said...

the vinca with the little purple flowers is creeping myrtle. I have it all along the front of my house. It stays green all through the winter. Carol M