Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chicken Soup

With the H1N1 flu busily making it's way around town, state, country, and world, I decided to make some good old fashioned home-made chicken-vegetable soup. This was August 25th - with the soup completed and put into their freezer containers for later use.

Little did I know that I would come down with a stomach flu on Labor Day weekend - a flu that knocked me down for 2 1/2 weeks! I was so glad I had stocked the freezer with the soup and popsicles - that's what I ate, when I was able to eat!

I'm finally back up and running once again - out weeding the huge garden and playing with puppy, to be more precise.

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José said...

Hi Pat,

When I make chicken soup, I always make it with rice.
I've had it with these noodles that are shapped like pumpkin seeds (I dunno if they exist there and their name in english, but I always forget not to do it with rice :-)
Although I've also had chicken soup with bits of carrot, I don't tend to add any veggies.
Now, you know what I do that adds a good taste a feel ?
When the soup is almost done, I add a bit of milk to it; just a really small amount.

Kind regards,