Friday, October 30, 2009

Symphony of Quilts Show

Above is one of the two raffled quilts at our Centre Pieces Quilt Guild's Symphony of Quilts 2009, presented last week at the Nittany Middle School in Boalsburg, PA.

A quick overview...

Miniature: Dogwood by Tracy Kennedy

Mona Hill:

Sue Santalucia:

Show floor:

Sara Kennedy:

Jill Wisniewski: Snowmen

Jill Wisniewski: Lone Star

Janet Stafford DiEugenio:

Janet Stafford DiEugenio:

By Bobbie Muscarella - using friendship blocks created by the guild for her as she left her position as guild president.

Lois Lewis: Perseverence

Louise Fox:

Christine Miller:

Claire Amick:

Dee Gretok

Jan Deibler:

Marilyn Mitinger: detail of an appliqued quilt

Pat Hock:

Pat Hock:

Rainbow Sampler by Michelle Thomas. The sampler blocks surrounding the Lone Star are from a block of the month offered by Stitch Your Art Out, one of our wonderful quilt shops. Michelle then created the Lone Star as the central motif for the finished quilt.


Members of our small art quilt group, which meets monthly, were well represented and took away some lovely ribbons. The next three quilts were created by Irmgard Lee.

These are by Mary Lou Pepe:

The following pieces are by Nancy Silverman, a former guild president and an art quilter. This first image is a presentation of her 1-quilt-per-week-for-a-year mini quilts. The two photos following are closeups of some of those pieces.

Nancy won a ribbon on this delicious orange quilt with purple accents - luscious indeed!

Nancy calls this her "batik" quilt.

The quilts below are mine: Grandmother's Cookies

Flaming Feathers + Woodland Walk

Red Ribbons:

The Muse:

I'm sorry to say that I missed taking photos of Tina Aumiller's and Fran MacEachren's quilts, the other members of our little art group.

Nevertheless, above is a sampling of photos from a wonderful local quilt guild show - one which I am proud to be a member.


norma said...

Thanks for sharing those, Pat. It looks like a great show and I love your quilts.

Kimberly said...

The sampler quilt with the Lone Star center was made by Michelle Thomas. She made the blocks as part of a block of the month at Stitch Your Art Out and then finished it with a Lone Star.

Cindy said...

This was a great show! Congratulations to everyone involved: the quilters, the organizers and the volunteers. The quilts were stunning, and the workers were enthusiastic, welcoming and helpful. - Cindy Russell (from Empire Quilters in NYC)

Pat's Place said...

Thanks, Kimberly, for filling me/us in on the maker of the Rainbow Sampler quilt. I enjoyed meeting you at the show and love, love, LOVE your shop, Stitch Your Art Out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
What a beautiful variety of quilts, and very well displayed, too. I especially liked your piece "Red Ribbons".

Thanks for sharing the snow and fall colors.

Linda Laird

Kimberly said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Pat. I really enjoyed your work at the show as well. I'll keep following your blog--I love the Centre County Connection!