Monday, December 14, 2009

December in Central PA

Spunky is now a full 6 months old - she's adorable, perky, fun, and quick!

If you've ever tried to put a hat on a 6 month old puppy, you know how silly and difficult a task it is. Something like putting a hat and mittens on a 6 month old child!
Spunky would much rather play with and/or EAT the hat than wear it.

She finds most things within her easy reach to be taste-test worthy...

Of course, we've all noticed that time flies as one gets older - and we're ALL doing that, or we're "on the other side." Winter has arrived here - of course our first 5" of snow came in October, breaking tree branches everywhere as well as snowfall dates/amounts for the area. Then we had Indian Summer of a sorts, and finally winter returned, this time with 6" of snow - followed by lots of rain! That all froze to ice, and now is melting at 43 degrees. Messy weather, but at least it's seasonal! Here's a lovely farm nearby that I photographed today:

The neighborhood is nicely decorated for the holidays - we've managed to decorate the outside trees/bushes but haven't got our house tree yet. Somehow or other, a mischievous 6 month old puppy must be considered. And since Spunky believes that anything within her reach (which is large since she can walk easily on her hind legs!) is hers to play with, chew, and in any other way enjoy.

As for quilting, I've managed to squeeze in a simple project - a wall-hanging using a comercial fabric plus some of my other fabrics. The photo doesn't show the wonderful sparkles in the plaid fabric - but they are there helping this little quilt make a happy statement this holiday season. And this hangs high enough on the wall so as to escape the puppy paws!

Happy holiday preparations to you!

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