Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RUST-TEX COLLECTION & My Rust Dyeing Fabrics & Projects

Above + below: details from WOODLAND WALK - (c)2006 Pat Dolan
Woodland Walk was one of 24 pieces accepted in the Rust-Tex Collection, will premier at Spring International Quilt Festival in Chicago April 16-18, 2010. It will also be displayed at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England August 20-23, 2010. Other venues to be announced as arranged.

The RUST-TEX COLLECTION is sponsored by Lois Jarvis, founder of

The photos below show show some of my rusting fabrics in the process of rusting and after being rust-dyed.

A project in process:
WATER + RUST - (c)2010 Pat Dolan
rusted fabric, painted & partially quilted

Rust-dyed gauze is used below in a small sampler piece (the color in this photo is overly bright!)

Here's the completed piece:
TEXTURAL ODYSSEY - (c)2007 Pat Dolan - the finished piece framed

Other finished pieces below:
RUSTY KEY - (c)2009 Pat Dolan sold
Done on stretched canvas, this is a mixed media collage

EMMA - (c)2008 Pat Dolan
A small, mixed media collage, 5x7 mounted on 8x10 canvas board.

WEDDING LACE - (c)2010 Pat Dolan
16x16" on unprimed linen stretched canvas
The spiral in the center of this piece was created with torn strips of rusted fabric and a commercial blue cotton batik twisted together and thread-wrapped.


norma said...

Hi Pat,
When I went to Lois's website to see the entered pieces, I immediately picked yours as one that would get in. It is fabulous! I love your other works, also.

Pat's Place said...

Thanks, Norma. Keep up the great work with Fiber Revolution!

Gail said...

I came across your site while browsing random blogs (slow day at the PC...needed inspiration). I love your work, and I am happy to see someone who uses her deck like I do-- as a workplace and pallette.

I look forward to seeing your quilt in Chicago in April.

Sue Reno said...

Congratulations on the acceptance, Pat, beautiful work!

Pat's Place said...

Thank you, Gail, for your positive feedback.

I'd love to see it hanging with the others, but doubt I'll make it to either Chicago or to Birmingham!

Thanks, Sue. You've been racking up the competitions and it's time for me to get to work and move my work to a higher level.

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