Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is HERE!

Snowdrops and crocus are usually the first flowers of spring in central PA. We have a lovely patch of snowdrops (actually, we have 2 or three different patches) which herald spring for us.

Here is one of our many very clever squirrels - this one has managed to get himself inside the birdfeeder, despite the protective plastic dome. I have yet to see a bird land on this feeder, only squirrels.

Here's the fat little fella after his snack

With this weekend's rainy season, our yard is quite marshy and a Mallard pair have found the yard delightful for wandering and feeding.

I saved my favorite for last, the Quacking Quackaroo!

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Alyssa Jean said...

This just made my day! There is no snow left at all at my school anywhere that I can tell. I'm just waiting for the flowers to start! The other day in Brattleboro, I saw a bunch daffodils coming up in someone's yard. I can't wait til spring gets here! It's my favorite season!