Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nasturtium Challenge Quilt - Update

Due to experiencing significant shoulder pain following the little bit of piecing and quilting involved in the sample piece, I've decided to make the sample my final challenge piece.

That required the addition of an appropriate border within the color palette. And the addition of a border after quilting has already been done is somewhat of a challenge. Here is the progress made thus far.

First, the quilting stitches at the edge of the piece needed to be removed so the border pieces could be attached. Good pinning is essential!

Second border piece added - without mitering the corners. That comes later...

Third border strip prepared and stitched.

The fourth and final strip is added.

Then comes the mitering of corners. One must make sure the corners of the border are stitched to within 1/4" of the end - so the mitering is accurate.

Then comes the pairing of two pieces of each corner by folding them onto one another and matching them perfectly.

Once they are matched, I fold them back to the front and press a crease where the seam line will be.

Each successive corner is approached in this manner and then sewn using the crease as a stitching guide.

A completed corner.

And now the nasturtium has a blue border - at least on top!

The border looked rather plain, so I'm experimenting around to see if I want to add a few more flowers while keeping it simple and clean.

The next challenge quilt enstallment will be a few weeks down the road as we leave for vacation tomorrow and I'm only bringing hand-sewing and drawing/painting supplies along!

Watch for fall foliage fotos...

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