Thursday, September 16, 2010

Next Step: Photographing, Editing + Printing the Nasturtiums on Fabric

Using Photoshop Elements, all backgrounds were removed to create fabric-printable images of the flowers for the art quilt. Then I made contact sheets in Photoshop to obtain the sized images needed for the quilt.

My preference for inkjet printing on fabric is a product by the Electric Quilt Company - EQ Printables: Inkjet Fabric Sheets. They have several different fabrics available - I chose the one in the orange package pictured below.

My reasons are pictured below. I ran out of EQ Printables so ran to Jo Ann Fabrics to pick up whatever looked best there. I chose the 2nd most expensive brand which cost a bit more than EQ's sheets but had one fewer in the package. While I had to pay for postage, it wasn't that much and the fabric arrived 3 days after I placed the order. I am more than willing to pay a few extra dollars for a superior product. Thus, reason one.

Reason two: the fabric from EQ took the ink much better than the other product.

Reason three: the printed fabric separated quickly and easily from the EQ product while the other was difficult to separate - as pictured below.

While I'm very grateful to have Jo Ann Fabrics in town for those emergency purchases, I prefer to shop from quilt shops - local or on-line. Quilt shops cater to our needs and offer so much by way of experience, products, and quality. I want to do my part to keep them open and available, especially during these financially challenging times.


Alyssa Jean said... of my favorite flowers...:)

Pat's Place said...

Yup! Mine too. It's no accident we like the same things so often since our b'days are so close together! Same star sign!!!