Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm QUILTING Again!!!

Center panel of baby quilt

Since I had plenty of left-over squares from earlier baby quilts, this quilt came together very quickly. I only had to cut out some pink batik fabric to make it more appropriate for a little girl. I laid it out one evening, pieced most of it the next day, and completed the top the following morning. It's bright and colorful, as the others were. But it's also feminine enough for a baby girl, without being TOO girly! Michelle (the eldest grandchild @ 22) says it's perfect and that's good enough for me!

Pieced quilt top - about 46" square

Backing fabric below

Fortunately, I tried using a drafting stool at the sewing machine. Thus I'm sitting higher than before and it's much less of a strain on my left elbow. The piecing went quite well with very little impact on the chronic pain level. I'm hoping that the quilting will also go as smoothly. I used my hands to manipulate the quilt and "draw" freehand with the sewing machine for the quilting. That puts more stress on the shoulder than simple sewing, but I'm still optimistic!

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