Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macro in a Mason Jar

The Gardening Gone Wild blog has an occasional photo contest. This month, the theme is "macro in a mason jar." The instructions are available at the link above. Essentially, one uses the top of the mason jar to hold a point & shoot camera in place while taking a close-up of the jar contents.

Here is my actual submission, all the rest were "just for fun."

The shot below was taken with the "regular" lens. The shot above is with the macro zoom.

The concept delighted me, so I've done 3 different photo shoots to play with various ideas. I used with various objects, two different canning jars, and different lighting situations. The sunlight definitely added a wonderful dimension to the shadows and reflections. Enjoy!


Sue Reno said...

Some very cool shots, Pat, nice job!

Darla said...

It was fun playing with this technique wasn't it. Good luck!

Angelyn said...

What I really appreciate about your chosen photo is that you did not feel compelled to show the entire feather. Just showing a portion of it says so much more and really caught my attention.

Anonymous said...

who knew that blue jay(?) feathers were so iridescent... thanks for letting us take a closer look.
andrea @grwhryrpltd