Friday, February 04, 2011

Baby Quilt Completed & in the Mail

It's a girl and she's arrived!

I use 505 quilt Basting Spray to sandwich my quilts. Since it's hazardous to one's health, I spray in the garage, where there is a sheet of cardboard mounted on the wall for this purpose.

First, the batting (in this case it's bamboo batting) is lightly basted to the cardboard.

Then the batting is sprayed with 505 followed by placing the quilt back on the batting and smoothing everything down evenly.

Then I turn the batting with attached backing over to reveal the batting once again. The batting is sprayed a 2nd time, followed by adhering the quilt top to complete the quilt sandwich. Again, it's important to smooth the top neatly to the batting and backing.

Then the quilt sandwich is rolled in on each side towards the middle, and the top/bottom also toward the middle. These "rolls" are pinned in place so that quilting may be started from the center and quilted evenly outward to prevent ripples, tucks, and other unwanted "bubbles" in the quilt.

Above is the rolled sandwich ready to be quilted. I use Machingers quilting gloves when I quilt to reduce the stress on my hands/arms as I free-motion quilt.

Here's the central image prior to quilting.

Quilting - followed by more quilting..

And now it's done and in the mail!

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Paper Perfectionist~ said...

What a gorgeous little quilt for a gorgeous little girl! :)