Thursday, January 03, 2013

It's January, Again...

We've celebrated Christmas, our grandson's 24th birthday, our 47th anniversary, the New Year, followed by Frank's January 2nd birthday. And we still have Christmas to celebrate once again when Michelle returns with the twins! I'm debating taking the tree down before the little ones with all their paraphanelia return. They're still too young to care about the tree, timing, etc. which makes it OK. But the tree is holding up well, very few needles have fallen - although once I start removing the decorations & the lights, heaven knows what the needles might do! Then again, the gal who cleans for us will be coming next week. Maybe I'll take it down a day or two before she comes.

Our Christmas cards/letters never got our signatures, although I did print up the letters and the labels. Old arthritic hands really object to much hand-writing, after all, so printed labels are definitely the way to go. I save my hands for art stuff! And babies... Maybe I'll send the letters out via email this year, the twins being our excuse this year! Maybe I won't get around to sending them out at all.

Did anyone else notice the distinct drop in the number of holiday cards received? And don't tell me it's because I don't get my cards out on time (or sometimes at all). The stack gets smaller every year, and not because our friends are dying, either! Why send cards to people you see year round? I don't. Not anymore. Why send card to people you are in routine contact with via email? That is, I suppose, my dilemma. My family & friends already know what our year has been like - they don't need a letter to tell them anything new.

And so it goes, another January. When others think of diets and/or resolutions, I'm usually still trying to figure out if/when to send out Christmas cards.

Happy New Year!

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