Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's March!

This farm is located as you come into town on business 322, South Atherton Street. I love watching the seasons change on this farm - I drive by it regularly on my way to/from a number of locations. It's such a photogenic farm!

It's still winter in central PA - not a lot of snow left on the ground, but temps are hovering around the freezing mark day in and day out.

The twins are now 7 months old - amazing! They are so darned cute & we are enjoying them SO much. We loved having our own children, but were obsessed with how they behaved & what we were supposed to be doing as parents. We loved having our little grandkids living with us for several years, too. But much of that time was spent trying to figure out how not to interfere while still being a big part of their lives. Now, with the great-grandchildren, we're simply living in each moment and enjoying all of the moments.

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