Sunday, February 07, 2016

A New Year, A New Beginning

It's February in Central Pennsylvania, but warm and sunny today. Our Bluebirds stay year round here, so I keep a meal worm feeder up to entice them to visit, despite the on-going construction across the street. The last building of the Paradise at Glen Hills is being completed, much to our joy. We will be delighted when the last unit is sold, already the first 3 have sold and two are already occupied! Once it's all completed, we will have paved roads, no mud, real grass, and quiet!!!

Meanwhile, the birds do come visiting during the non-construction hours. Mostly there are House Finches or Purple Finches, it's hard to tell, plus English Sparrows, of course. And the wonderful Bluebirds. We do see and hear other birds nearby - woodpeckers, hawks, an Eagle, Titmice, Juncos, and more. But most are too timid to venture up close to the building site.

Blue Tit - Private Collection

Meanwhile, I have returned to my bird paintings. Eight have been completed, two are now in permanent collections, and six are now on exhibit at the State College Framing Company and Gallery, in the Hills Plaza, State College, PA. Three more are on my easel, and dozens more are in my head. I may get bored doing them all in a 12" x 12" format, but for now, they are great fun.

Snow is due tomorrow - but hardly enough to matter. As a Minnesota native, this winter had been a great disappointment in the snow department. But there's still time!

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